Who will design your home? Why don't UDesignIt! UBuildIt has helped thousands of homeowners build the home of their dreams and save thousands in the process. Now we want to empower you to design the home of your dreams with UDesignIt!

Design Your Home with UBuildIt

There are two main ways to design your home.

The First is to find a set of plans that you love and buy them! These can be found online at any number of home design websites. You need to order the ‘reproducible’ set in order to have enough copies, trust us on this! These sets tend to run anywhere from $800 - $2,000 with additional charges averaging another $1,000+ for any changes you wish to make, IF they will even allow changes to be made.

The Second is to hire a local designer or architect. As a rule this starts at $7,500-$30,000. The positive is you will have exactly what you wanted. The negative is you will spend a relative fortune on the plan.

But... let us offer you a third and better option!

Your local UBuildIt office will be able to connect you with a designer who will turn your ideas into a custom home plan for up to 75% off their normal fees! Fees starts as low as $1,900.00 for a full set of custom plans!

All that’s needed are your ideas: This is an important part of the process! Many say the most important. So Go WILD! Have FUN! Show your ideas, sketches, whatever you have….whatever you want to blend! UDesignIt!

Let your UBuildIt consultant assist in advising you from a cost-to-build viewpoint as you go through the planning process. We will help you and guide as much or as little as you desire but please take advantage of our quantity and quality discount and get your EXACT home. Just the way you want it!

As an added bonus each designer connected with UBuildIt through UDesignIt has agreed to do one FREE additional redraw after your initial UBuildIt Spec meeting as needed. (Don’t know what that is? Contact your local UBuildIt office to find out!)

*UDesignIt partners are vendors whom UBuildIt has worked with before and with whom UBuildIt and UBuildIt clients have had prior good experiences. However these contractors are in no way connected to or a part of UBuildIt or UBuildIt Holdings LLC. UBuildIt in no way guarantees their work or your satisfaction with said work. Please contact UBuildIt Holdings LLC or your local UBuildIt independently owned and operated franchise with any questions.


Custom Home Plans for UBuildIt Clients:                       $3000.00

details below

Our team of custom designers are qualified to draw in Chief Architect, a pre-engineered custom home design program, or standard CADD files.

Anything you can imagine, we can draw! Be it European, Log Home, Ranch, French County, and Contemporary or other if you can conceive of it we can design it with you!

Contact us today and within 24 hours, a UDesignIt team member will contact you about what you want to accomplish. You will need a phone and a computer with internet access and scanning capability. If you don’t have a scanner, your local UBuildIt office can provide this service for you! We will work live with you online to discuss your vision. After that, it will take us about one week to ten days to come up with the first rough draft. We then schedule a time with you to have another live online chat to see how well we captured your vision! After discussing, we will make changes accordingly. We repeat this process as many times as we need until you have the plan that you want!

A copy of that plan will be sent to your UBuildIt consultant when you are ready for your UBuildIt Specifications Meeting and Formal Plan Review.

FYI: Your UBuildIt consultant is included on all stages of the plan design. Their input from a cost to build standpoint always proves invaluable.

At the end of the Specifications Meeting, you and your consultant will give us any final changes and we will formally finalize the plan! This step is usually completed in a matter of days.



Custom-drawn plans, whether drawn completely from scratch or based on preconceived ideas… or a blending of ideas, are based on price-per-square foot.

UBuildIt clients receive a discount of 75% off our normal pricing! 

Existing/Pre-drawn plans:           $1,000 (normally $4,000.00 before discount)

Changes of 25% or less:               $500.00 (75% UBuildIt client discount already applied)

If you wish to change more than 25% of the plan as it is currently drawn, then the design work is considered a complete ‘custom draw.’

Custom Design Pricing:  $0.50 sq ft

$2.00 per Square Foot, total under roof.

75% discount if purchased through one of our UBuildIt partners* - 

  • Minimum fee: $3000.00

Final set of plans includes Floor Plans, Base Electrical Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, and Elevations.

Additional services such as kitchen and bath cabinetry plans, full color elevations, landscaping plans, and more are available at additional cost. 

If additional pages or plans are required for your area please let us know, additional charges may apply. Engineering stamp is not included. Color Renderings are also available at an additional fee.


* Not all UBuildIt franchisees are partners with this offer; due to some states or municipalities having restrictions which require the use of local designers. Check with us our your local UBuildIt office to find out.

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Contact your local UBuildIt Office and they can connect you with a local designer that will turn your ideas into custom plans for up to 75% off traditional design services. Your UBuildIt consultant will also be there to help advise you from a cost-to-build perspective and to help you make informed design decisions that will help you save money during construction!

As an added bonus, each designer connected with UBuildIt thru UDesignIt has agreed to do one additional redraw after your initial UBuildIt Spec meeting as needed.

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