Who will design your home? Why don't UDesignIt! UBuildIt has helped thousands of homeowners build the home of their dreams and save thousands in the process. Now we want to empower you to design the home of your dreams with UDesignIt!

Design Your Home with UBuildIt

There are two main ways to design your home.

The First is to find a set of plans that you love and buy them! These can be found online at any number of home design websites. You need to order the ‘reproducible’ set in order to have enough copies, trust us on this! These sets tend to run anywhere from $800 - $5,000 with additional charges averaging another $1,000+ for any changes you wish to make, IF they will even allow changes to be made.

The Second is to hire a local designer or architect. As a rule this starts at $7,500-$30,000. The positive is you will have exactly what you wanted. The negative is you will spend a relative fortune on the plan.

But... let us offer you a third and better option!

Your local UBuildIt office will be able to connect you with UDesignIt who will turn your ideas into a custom home plan! Our designers will be able to connect with you through virtual web meetings to discuss your ideas for your project and to see changes to your plans happen live. We also have a expansive library of stock plans to choose from.

All that’s needed are your ideas: This is an important part of the process! Many say the most important. So Go WILD! Have FUN! Show your ideas, sketches, whatever you have….whatever you want to blend! UDesignIt!

Let your UBuildIt consultant assist in advising you from a cost-to-build viewpoint as you go through the planning process. We will help you and guide as much or as little as you desire but please take advantage of our quality and quantity discount and get your EXACT home. Just the way you want it!

Get Started Today!

UDesignIt Offers True Custom Home Design

We provide a creative process of planning and design entirely based around you. Designers can meet with you virtually or in person to make live changes to your plans. We are fully equipped for virtual web meetings with clients. We can offer fully furnished, 3D Renderings and Virtual Walk-Through Tours of your house! Our average turnaround time for a custom design first draft is 5-7  business days. We can also work directly with your builder if needed to  ensure the process goes smoothly.

Our Basic Design Package Includes:

  • Plot Plan
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Roof Plan
  • 4 Elevations
  • Exterior 3D Renderings
  • 2 Design Meetings
  • 10 Free Revisions
  • 1 Free Redraw



We have a variety of stock plans available for purchase! 


Stock plans - $1,500.

Customize up to 30% - additional $1,000. 

Changes over 30% - Full Custom Design $3,500

UDesignIt Offers Many Upgrades to the Basic Design Package:

  • Basic Plumbing Plan
  • Basic Electrical Plan
  • Basic HVAC Plan
  • Basic Landscaping Plan
  • 3D Live Walkthrough
  • Additional Redraw(s) & Revisions

Love the house your in?

Let UDesignIt help you update, remodel or expand your home!

UDesignit offers a full range of remodel design services. We will coordinate with you and/or your builder to evaluate and properly measure your current house, and then create a new design based on your vision. We are equipped to communicate with your local municipalities to ensure that we are providing you with a plan that will follow yourspecific code requirements along with any additional plans that may be required. We have completed hundreds of successful remodel projects, and are ready to help you realize your dream of a better home.

Virtual Meetings

Busy schedule, or just want to avoid in-person meetings?

That's not a problem with UDesignIt. Our designers are fully equipped with the latest virtual meeting technology, and can offer virtual meetings where clients can see changes happen live to their plans.

También podemos realizar reuniones en español si es necesario para su conveniencia.

3D Renderings & Virtual Walkthroughs

Our designers use the latest Chief Architect software and can provide full-color, high resolution 3D renderings of your project, along with Virtual Walkthrough Videos so you can fully envision your dream.

Get Started Today!

Get Started With Just a Deposit!

All that is needed to start the design process with UDesignIt is a $1000 deposit towards the final price of your design.  The remainder is due upon final completion of design. Design files will be emailed directly to you upon receipt of signed single-use contract and final balance.

Fast Service!

Upon purchasing a UDesignIt deposit, a designer will reach out to you within 1 business day to start your design process and schedule your initial consultation. Commencement of your design will begin immediately following your consultation and the first draft of your project will be ready for you to review with your designer within 7 business days.

Your dream home, our experts, your instant equity.

Interested in becoming a part of our team? As a part of UBuildIt, you will get to coach homeowners and guide them through the entire process. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing home building dreams come true and join our world class team today!