Tips You Should Know About Energy Efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation,air conditioning)

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For being one of the biggest power users nowadays, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can spend a lot of money, if not maintained regularly. Especially when used in large facilities, these systems must be used with caution, and be serviced regularly, in order to expand their life span, as well as reduce the cost of their usage. These are several tips on how to use these systems efficiently, thus reducing energy consumption and the cost of their usage, of course.

Heating: If used for heating, HVAC systems can be used in a more effective way, by reducing the power used, meaning that you can without a problem reduce temperature for 1°C. This is almost unnoticeable difference, but in a longer run, this will save you a lot of money. In addition, if your boilers are perhaps old and worn-off, replacing them or servicing the existing ones is something highly recommended to be done. In addition, there is system of fans, used especially in larger-scale halls, which pushes the heated air downward, thus reducing the part of the hall which is heated drastically. On the other hand, if you are using this system in your house, consider installing programmable thermostat. This investment may seem as a minor one, but in fact, it will reduce your bills, for it can be set to turn off or on in a different time during the day. For example, if you are leaving home at 7 o'clock, set it to turn off at 7:15. If you are returning at 5 PM, program it to turn on at 4:30, in order to heat up the house, before you return.

Ventilation: This is one of the main reasons to use this system. Properly ventilated house or facility can save money, actually, for if being damp, it can cost you quite a penny to renew it by painting. But, be careful, if not used as it should, it will only eat up through your energy bill. Consider installing efficient motors used in larger facilities, for the price difference can be minor, but in a longer run, the energy saved is quite noticeable. Also, do not let it run all the time, for the heat generated by motors can actually heat up your building, especially during summer, when temperature is on the rise, and this eventually rises the global temperature. As for the house, again consider using any form of time setting, in order to switch it on or off in different intervals.

Air conditioning: Cooling down the building during hot summer months is essential for well-being of its inhabitants. By keeping your system in top-notch condition, you are actually saving money in a longer run. Worn out or outdated system will have lesser efficiency, and in return, it will use more energy. Mind the smell as well, and you can change filters on a regular basis, in order to prevent smell of damp or moist. Servicing of these systems isn't recommended for you, it is far better to call a professional contractor, which will do what it is best. For example, for easier access, it is possible for them to use cordless tools, for doing what is necessary to keep the system running. Additionally, timer is yet again, of the biggest value here. System that runs all the time not only uses huge amount of energy, but also wears out faster, so this is something to be considered. On the other hand, some systems can use outer air and only by speeding it up, will keep the rooms or halls cooled. On the other hand, this system is highly dependable on the outer climate, for if it is too hot outside, no fan can speed up the air enough, to be used for cooling.  

With everything said considered, you should mind several important factors, which are essentially the same. Money is not the only thing you can lose, for if you are working in a larger hall or facility, inadequate HVAC system can cause equipment malfunctioning, and to severely jeopardize the welfare of the workers employed there. In addition, it may seem as a small and insignificant thing, but, saving that small amount of energy will reduce overall global energy usage, and this only benefits our planet, especially on a long run. If each of us gives out his share of saving, this planet can be nicer and healthier place.

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