Tips for when you make the Big Step - Remodeling

Remodeling your home is a daunting, but very rewarding task. With the help of UBuildIt, you can be on your way to a new home now!

The following are some top tips to help you plan a successful and cost effective remodel.  When you work with a UBuildIt Construction Consultant, they will help you in these areas and many more.

  • Save money by planning ahead - Go through the design process first and choose everything you want to include in the new room(s), from appliances to light fixtures, etc.  Making product selections early can prevent costly delays later.  These early selections will define your budget and prevent hasty (and costly) decisions later in the project. Then be sure to include all your product and material selections in the contract to avoid confusion and unnecessary change orders. Include the model, size, color, and other specifications. It is also wise to save 10-20 percent of your budget to allow for items added to the project.
  • Financing - Talk to lenders to determine the loan amount you qualify for.  This is essential to determine the extent of the remodel you can do.
  • Draw your ideas - Sketch out your ideas before you talk with a designer or architect.  If you are adding a room, consider how it will affect the traffic patterns for you and your family.  If you are adding a room or story to your home, how will it affect the overall look of the structure?
  • Make a portfolio of all your ideas - Assemble your dream home portfolio with pictures, samples, brochures, swatches and other materials which meet the needs of your project.  If you see an element of a friend's home such as their cabinets, ask them where they were purchased and add them to your notes.
  • Labor - Pay attention to how labor intensive some design features may be, for example, laying ceramic tile on kitchen counter-tops and the back-splash. Labor will be a significant portion of your remodel budget.  By planning ahead, you can spend your labor dollars where they are most important to you.
  • Compare - Compare products and their prices carefully before you make final decisions. And keep an open mind when you discuss product and design ideas with your contractor. The cheapest is not always the best.  While some items may be a little more initially, the cost of their ongoing operation and maintenance is less expensive over time.  A front loading washer may be more to purchase but you will use 40-60 percent less water and 30-50 percent less energy than the typical top loading machine.
  • Be creative - There are often multiple solutions to accomplish a design objective, some more expensive than others. If your remodel project is to add a bathroom, rather than adding square footage to your home, maybe you could "borrow space" from your linen closet. Discuss various options with your contractor.

Remodeling your home is a big step.  With careful planning and thought, you can create your dream home without having to uproot your family and move.

Your dream home, our experts, your instant equity.

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