The Right Bathroom Faucet

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With the broad range of bathroom faucets available today, you can easily find a unique and stylish model that is also practical for your family's daily use. When looking for a faucet for your bathroom, you will need to consider how it will be mounted, what finish will complement your bathroom's design and the number of handles that best meet your needs.


The type of mounting you will need is dependent upon the sink you currently have or the new one you have chosen.  If it is a self-rimming, under mount, pedestal, console or wall-hung sink, you will need to count the number of holes already drilled into the sink.  If you have one of these types of sinks, the types of faucets you can use are:

Centerset - The spout is centered between the two handles which are typically four inches apart.  If you choose this type of faucet, your sink must have individual holes for the spout and each handle and a based unit that covers the holes.

Widespread - Each of the two handles are mounted separately and can be anywhere from six to 16 inches apart.  The spout is also separate and does not have to align with the handles.  This type tends to be considerably more expensive.

Mini-widespread - This faucet is frequently used with antique sinks or their reproductions.  They need the basic three-hole installation and look as if they have a spout and independent hot and cold water handles.

Single hole - This type is used with single-handled faucets which have the spout and handle combined, and only has one hole.  Some of this type has a cover plate for use with sinks which have three holes already drilled.

Wall-mounted - The spout and handles are mounted on the wall and are typically used with vessel sinks.  When selecting this type of faucet, be sure to check that the spout reaches far enough to clear the side of the sink.


There is a wide assortment of finishes available in bathroom sinks.  They range from the more common chrome and nickel to brass, iron, gold and platinum.  These materials can come in satin, brushed, high-glass and antique finishes.  When deciding on a finish, consider what would be aesthetically pleasing and blend with the other fixtures in your bathroom.


Who will be using this bathroom is a significant consideration for the number of handles you will want to select for your bathroom faucet. Single handle and two-handle faucets each meet different needs.  The single handle faucet has a more minimalist look and is easier to operate, particularly for children and those individuals who have difficulty gripping.  The two-handle faucet makes it a little easier to get the mixture of hot and cold water just right for you. Once you have determined the type of faucet your sink can use, there are any number of choices available to provide you with a design focal point in your bathroom while still meeting your family's practical needs.

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