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By adding the UBuildIt consulting system to your business, you will find an easier way to build homes and regain extra time and money in the process. Learn more about our world class organization and start your franchise today!

UBuildIt Franchises

Prosper in construction consulting while reducing your workload and liability. By adding the UBuildIt consulting system to your business, you will find an easier way to build homes and regain extra time and money in the process. Instead of contracting to build; you are coaching homeowners. You’re offering a service that allows you to diversify and stand out from the pack! You’re using first-class marketing materials, Internet tools, and a complete business system backed with professional support. Imagine taking less risk – and having more time to golf, swim, and see your kids.
Our UBuildIt Franchisees are doing it. Why not you?

Here is What Makes UBuildIt Unique in the Market Place

We are the number one Owner Builder Company in the United States! You would be joining a world class organization that has earned its top spot!  We partner with builders to give them a broader offering – something that other builders do not have. Use UBuildIt for fantastic lead generation and be able to truly serve your clients with whatever product best fits their needs!  We have proven examples of what can be achieved with a manageable marketing campaign. While few people can afford to do a quality marketing campaign alone – a few strategically placed offices, banding together for a quality campaign can have a huge impact.

Find A Location

UBuildIt Franchising is looking to open new franchises nation-wide. Any area not listed on our Location Map is a currently available territory. Please contact us today and let us help you find the perfect location for your UBuildIt Franchise!

The Power of Franchising

Why have franchises become a proven economic force in the U.S. economy? The many reasons and benefits include proven systems which allow you to start your business faster (you don’t have to re-invent the wheel), professional training, ongoing support and guidance, the ability to work with and learn from other franchise partners, access to technology, dynamic and effective marketing materials and systems that a local competitor just can’t match, business vendor relationships for materials and supplies that provides buying power for you and your clients, and over 23 years of experience and knowledge for you to access

Right Business at the Right Time

Each year in this country, thousands of people tackle building or remodeling their own homes. In addition, thousands more express the desire to be involved in their own project, but don’t have the confidence or expertise without guidance. This growing ‘do-it-yourself’ trend is prevelant, especially now during these economic times. Families are doing anything they can to save money and get more value for their dollar. So UBuildIt is in the right place at the right time.

The UBuildIt system was developed to meet this growing demand and to provide professional assistance to home owners who want more control over their building project. They want to be more involved, and to either save money in the process or get more home than their budget would otherwise allow. The UBuildIt Construction Consultant provides the systems and expert guidance to make this happen.

It’s Your Move

To receive more information on how you can join the industry leader in owner-builder consulting, contact us by submitting your basic information. Once we have received it we will contact you.

For immediate information, please email our Franchise Department at:

Why UBuildIt?

Why should you franchise with UBuildIt? Not only do we have the experience to guide you in starting a successful business, we will provide you with everything you need to get started. Read more below about the UBuildIt opportunity, our proven systems and success, our training and support, more information about marketing and sales, learn about what we’re looking for, about the relationship you will build with us, more information about start-up capital, and how to get started!

The UBuildIt Opportunity

UBuildIt partners are CONSULTANTS who support their clients desire to build or remodel their own homes. UBuildIt offices are independently owned and operated. Our franchise partners take advantage of their business skills in sales, marketing and consulting without the headaches, liability and risks of being a builder. Construction Consulting is less involved than being a custom builder or even a project manager... so our Franchise Partners can consult on more projects. There is no inventory, no major equipment to purchase. UBuildIt has developed a series of programs focused on clients who are interested in having more involvement in building or remodeling their homes beyond the conventional approach of hiring a general contractor.  UBuildIt developed its classic program over 23 years ago and more recently has developed new programs which its franchisees can use with their clients. Some provide a higher level of support to the client while others take on a more "advisory only" approach. This allows the franchisees to capture more clients with a broader range of services.

It's a great time to join us in a growing market segment. Be part of an industry leader with national exposure.

Proven Systems & Proven Success

Since 1988, the UBuildIt system has helped thousands of clients become effective ‘owner-builders'. They are homeowners that manage their own construction project. The systems that were initially developed have been continually refined and upgraded to reflect the most current knowledge and best practices. As a result, new UBuildIt Franchise Partners can access years of learning from other franchise partners. They do not have to spend their time, or their money, trying to figure out the best way to do things. UBuildIt’s success is based on the effectiveness of its operational and training systems, sales and marketing systems, and client systems.

As a UBuildIt business owner, you get paid for professional services like planning meetings, material specifications, bid reviews and progress reviews, budgeting support, client meetings, site evaluation, site visits, and your knowledge and expertise.

Training & Support

You will receive intensive training. One of the cornerstones of franchise success is the professional and thorough training provided to the new business owner and their team. The UBuildIt University provides comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of how to start, build, and manage a successful Construction Consulting business – your UBuildIt office. We provide the methods and systems necessary to establish and grow your business. Plus, UBuildIt is committed to providing the very best on-going support, and continued training and education. Through a variety of means, we are in continuous communication with our Franchise Partners through their various stages of growth. An additional opportunity for ongoing training and support comes from the knowledge exchange that takes place between the individual franchisees in the UBuildIt Network. The ability to talk with, and learn from others utilizing the exact same systems and processes provides a valuable business model and distinct advantage.

We supply and support our Franchise Partners with proprietary (one-of-a-kind) Franchise Software, complete training that covers marketing, sales, operations, and construction consulting, comprehensive operations manuals and sales collateral material, start up material package, preferred vendor programs to increase your advertising budget, ongoing support including marketing, advertising, and office administrative programs, networking opportunities with other experienced UBuildIt franchise partners, a national website presence, and national media exposure.

Marketing & Sales

In order to grow a successful business, technical expertise must be combined with the ability to effectively and efficiently get the proper message to your potential clients. UBuildIt has developed a complete “tool kit” of marketing and sales techniques and strategies. You receive professionally developed sales and marketing materials so that from the first day of your business you will have instant credibility and brand indentification. You are trained with techniques to address client needs and questions, and you learn what is sucessful in other offices all across the country. Plus, you can set yourself apart in the marketplace and attract immediate interest with branded items such as: vehicle wraps, home show booths, newspaper and magazine ads, flyers, brochures, radio ad scripts, 30 second TV spots, postcards, billboards, a 30 minute Infomercial and much more.

What Are We Looking For?

We want the successful, experienced custom builders and remodelers, someone who wants to offer a unique service that their competitors don't offer, strong candidates that understand our franchising is based on a solid system and are willing to follow a proven program, and we do require that the UBuildIt Construction Consultant has a minimum of 10 years of proven residential construction management experience, local previous projects and current relationships with local, quality subcontractors.

A Partnering Relationship

Our franchising system is based on the premise that we as a company can only be successful if our Franchise Partners are successful first. We believe in a partnering relationship with our franchisees, our vendors and suppliers, our employees, and our clients. Success for UBuildIt, both corporately and for each of our Franchise Partners, flows from the success of our strategic business partnerships and the wellness of our Network.

Start Up Capital

Depending on your individual situation, and the location that you desire, your start up costs can vary. One of the first steps that we will assist you with is helping you determine what the range of your start up costs will be.

Our History

Vision - Remain as the leader in the owner-builder consulting industry and become the leading construction and remodeling source for families in America.

Mission - To equip families to effectively plan and direct their building projects and create unique living and work environments with exceptional value by: Providing professional consulting, proven systems and trusted resources.

History - Based now in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area, UBuildIt was founded in 1988 with the purpose of assisting families who wanted to go out and manage their building projects themselves. UBuildIt knew that the only way these families would be able to manage their own building or remodeling projects was to learn the hard way, which is an expensive education without professional guidance.

UBuildIt continued to expand their service territory throughout Washington. In 1998 they began franchising and now have offices across the States. UBuildIt believes that with professional, local guidance and systems and resources, a family with no building experience, but who wants to become their own general contractor, can do it effectively and efficiently with UBuildIt's help.

UBuildIt now is the Nation's Leader in Owner-Builder consulting industry.

What Is An Owner Builder?

These people want more control and want to be more heavily involved in their construction project. Our clients are generally 30-55 years old, middle to upper income.

The number of families choosing to act as their own builder is increasing because people want bigger homes with better features and are looking for more value for their money.  10% of new construction projects each year in the U.S. are started and completed by "owner-builders."  But, going it alone can be an uncertain venture when attempting a large construction project.  Our clients understand that without professional guidance and resources that UBuildIt can bring to the table, managing their own building project will be an expensive, time-consuming and learning experience that most of them will not want to do again. So they see the value that UBuildIt can provide in giving them the best of both worlds - Being in total control of their building project but also at the same time have professional guidance and great connections that save them time and money.

A lot of our cilents decide to stay in their current home and instead chose to remodel or create an addition... A smart option in the current housing market. They're passionate about their project, thrilled at the ability to control their own daily construction schedule, and pleased to choose and manage the subcontractors that will be in and out of their home.  A small percentage of our clients are interested in building a "green home".  They're excited at the opportunity to create a home that complies with their environmental beliefs, and the chance to choose the right products and materials to complete their project properly.

The UBuildIt client is no longer just an "owner-builder". They maintain control, make the decisions, and enjoy the results without the uncertainties of doing it alone. They're willing to take responsibility for their basic tasks like obtaining building permits, securing financing, ordering materials, managing change orders, hiring subcontractors, scheduling, paying bills, and over-all project management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the “cost” of a franchise?
  • Do I need a construction background to run a successful UBuildIt business?
  • If I am a builder, can I add UBuildIt to my present business?
  • Why should I consider a UBuildIt business?
  • How do I get started?

What Is the Cost of a Franchise?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of your first UBuildIt franchise ranges from $113,500 to $223,800. This includes the initial franchise fee of $35,000 for your first franchise and $10,000 for each additional franchise bought simultaneously. (these initial investment amounts vary widely based upon your own particular circumstances, business goals, and regional market).

You will receive initial training, access to the system, proprietary software, ongoing support, and system updates to help you get started.

Depending on your individual situation, and the location that you desire, your start up costs can vary. One of the first steps that we will assist you with is helping you determine what the range of your start up costs will be.

Do I Need a Construction Background to Run a Successful Franchise?

People coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels can be successful in this business. Excellent interpersonal and management skills coupled with a strong desire to provide outstanding client service are key ingredients. Successful franchise networks also depend on Franchise Partners to value and follow a proven system, and to commit to brand consistency and integrity.
We have identified FOUR "HATS" that are present in our most successful franchise offices...

• Business Management
• Marketing
• Sales
• Construction Consulting

These "hats" must be worn by the ownership team or their staff. Construction Consulting is the backbone of this business, so you will need to feel confident in offering the services yourself (and be approved by UBuildIt to do so), or position your business to engage an experienced residential construction professional to work directly with your clients during their construction phases. The other disciplines that are critical to success include the ability to manage, market and grow the business, to follow the marketing guidelines, and to convince people to become your UBuildIt clients.

If I Am A Builder, Can I Add UBuildIt to My Present Business?

Yes! UBuildIt offers a unique opportunity for existing builders or remodelers to add UBuildIt to their existing business. This allows them to offer a service that their competitors don't. Also, not all people who come to UBuildIt fit the profile to be a successful owner-builder. This gives you, as an existing builder or remodeler, the opportunity to offer your building or remodeling service as an option, once they or you decide that they don't fit.

Why Should I Consider A UBuildIt Business?

A UBuildIt operation is a good business for people who are looking to get a solid return on an investment in themselves with a proven national business concept. For some people it is a great way to broaden their customer base as home builders and remodelers in their community. For others it is a solid way to enter a business where their interests and enthusiasm reside. The UBuildIt business model allows professionals to become an advocate and adviser to families in their community, helping them develop, customize and realize their personal living space dreams.

A UBuildIt business provides 1) good income potential; 2) status in your local community as a provider of solutions for all types of homeowners; 3) long term support from a franchisor and other franchisees dedicated to improving the operating and marketing system of this national company; 4) the comfort of knowing the business you are growing might eventually be sold, resulting in additional income to you.

UBuildIt is a vintage American operation, permitting hard working and resourceful owner-operators to make as much money as they choose, based on their ability to follow a system, develop relationships in their community, treat clients and vendors as treasured relationships and help families attain their dreams by building or remodeling a home to reflect their interests, needs and desires.

How Do I Get Started?

Successful franchise candidates closely follow the discovery process... much like a successful franchise partner closely follows our UBuildIt system. This process gives us both an opportunity to learn more about each other and to determine if this would be a good business fit.

Contact us at: or 1.866.828.4534

It's Your Move

The next step is yours if YOU want to leverage your building business, diversify and offer a unique service to your clients, believe that you can follow a proven system, want the self-satisfaction and personal rewards that come from helping people realize their housing dreams, want to be an integral part of a growing national network and brand, want to be considered for the UBuildIt franchise in your area.

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