Spring Maintenance

There are spring cleaning and maintenance tasks that need to be preformed on your home. Use our tips at UBuildIt to keep your home in shape!

Winter has ended and spring is upon us! The warming weather signifies the time for spring cleaning and maintenance. Both inside and out there are a myriad of tasks that need to be accomplished from general cleaning to lawn care. The time has come to prepare our homes for another year of cookouts and summer guests. The chores we all tend to start with are the inside tasks. We have all equally heard of and despise the daunting task of spring cleaning. It is important for not only your health but the health of your house to clean out every nook and cranny. On a particularly nice spring day it would also be a good idea to open all your windows and air out the house. Nothing clears away the stuffy feeling of winter like fresh air.

cluttered attic

While you are working around the house don't forget to check on the attic and basement. It is important to check the attic for any leaks or holes and to make sure no creatures have taken up residence over the winter months. Repair even the smallest hole you may find, especially around your eaves, unless you want an attic full of wasps or similar insects. In the basement you should check for leaks and cracks. Any cracks in your basement will start from the bottom of the basement. To check for water penetration use a flash light and check near the bottom of any cracks you find. The outside of your home is always exposed to the elements. Every part of the exterior of your home should be visually inspected by you. The place to start is your windows and doors. This is a nice way to transition from inside chores to outside chores. Check the seals and caulking on all your doors and windows. If you see condensation in between the panes of double and triple pane windows you should have them replaced; the weather seal has been compromised. Make a visual inspection of your exterior walls, chimneys, roof, the eaves, the gutter system, and the foundation. Make note of any cracks or irregularities, and if they look serious you should call the appropriate repair person. This may also be a good time to go ahead and clean out the chimney for the next year.

chiminey sweep

Don't forget to clean your outside cooling unit of your AC. Clean coils that are free of debris will cool your home much better. Before you use that outside water tap and hose inspect both. Make sure the outside water taps are working properly and the cold weather did not do any damage to the faucet or the pipes. Ensure none of your hoses have succumb to dry rot. Now that you have checked your home inside and out it is time to move to the yard. The first thing you will want to do is check all of your yard equipment and make sure it is working properly and replace any dull or worn out parts. While the yard may not need major tending yet, it will be a good idea to clean up any remnants of fall and winter; dry leaves, sticks and trim back any broken limbs on trees and bushes. Now your house is ready for another season of fun in the sun, and you have reduced the chance of sudden home damage and repair.

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