Property Problems that Aren't As Bad As You Think

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Real estate prices are setting records in nearly every neighborhood, and now is a much better time to build than buy. If you have property you wish you could develop, but you think it's impossible because of some existing problem, we can help you out! Our team can expertly guide you through the process of reclaiming land you thought you couldn't use. It's one of our specialties! Here's a few solutions for a few common problems:

Wet Land

There are wetlands, and then there's wet land. If you own property in wetlands or a very low area that is, essentially, a marsh, there's not much you can do about it, but for less swampy cases there are many ways you can dry or elevate your property or make adjustments to your housing structure that will allow you to build. We can help you understand what your soil samples or local water tables mean, and we can help you lower the water table around your house with drainage techniques like a bed of gravel or crushed stone beneath the house.

Steep Grade

A slope can actually be a good thing: it helps with drainage, and sometimes offers privacy or even a view. Much hill-building technology was developed in places like California, where views are everything and the best homes are built into the sides of very steep bluffs. There are few slopes that are completely unbuildable, though many may require extensive earth moving and special foundations. Erosion and runoff are the biggest problems hill-built homes face. We can help determine what if will take to build on your sloped property and whether you'll need to take measures like installing terracing or retaining walls.

Bad Drainage

This is the opposite set of problems that come with building on a slope. Bad drainage occurs when you're at the topological bottom of an area and sewage, waste water, or ground water can't easily flow away from your property. If gravity isn't on your side, we can help you determine your need for measures like drainage tiles or berms, or if perhaps an intentional yard pond could be a solution.

If you're unsure if your property is a candidate for a building site, call us at UBuildIt! We can help you assess your land and your options.

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