Outdoor Updates & Patio Decorating Ideas for Summer

See our favorite outdoor updates and patio decorating ideas for summer here! Contact us at UBuildIt today for more information!
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The summer season is quickly approaching and now is the time to start making plans for your outdoor space and creating a backyard where you can entertain or rest and relax. See our favorite outdoor updates and patio decorating ideas for summer here and turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis!

Best Outdoor Updates for Summer 2024

#1 Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to entertain, the summertime is the perfect time to have guests over and hang out in your backyard. You can make entertaining easy on yourself and transform your patio into a kitchen. Adding in a kitchen area will allow you to spend time with your guests as you get things ready without having to go in and out of your home. If you already have a grill, you can work around that to create the kitchen. You can build countertops around your grill or get a grill that is built in so you can display your meal and add in other kitchen essentials like a small refrigerator or even a wood-fired pizza oven. There are so many options for an outdoor kitchen and you will love having a space where your guests can relax Patio area with seatingwhile you prepare a gourmet meal.

#2 Create a Movie Area

For beautiful nights when you don’t want to go inside, a movie area will allow you to enjoy the outdoors just a little bit longer. The first thing that you will want to do is find the perfect spot for your screen. You can set up a projector system that will roll down at the push of a button, or you can get a portable screen that you can set up and take down anywhere. There are advantages to both options but whichever you choose, you will be able to have an outdoor movie night whenever you want. Once you decide on your screen, you can then start adding in plenty of seating to accommodate everyone and maybe even a snack area where you can set out all of your favorite movie snacks and a fire pit that will create a cozy environment.outside view of home and pond

#3 Beautiful Gardens

Turn your backyard into a garden filled with colorful flowers or produce this summer. This will be one of the easiest updates that you can make yourself because you can work with the space that you already have. Fill your existing gardens with bright and colorful flowers, or add in a few additional gardens in ideal places of sun exposure. If you plan on a garden with vegetables and herbs, you may want to look into a few raised garden beds where they can thrive. You will love getting to find the best plants to add to your garden and the lush landscaping will create an oasis that you can cultivate. If you take the time to build a garden from scratch, you will want to be sure that you do your research and see what will thrive in your area and if you have pets, be sure you make sure that the plants you get are not toxic! Having a garden takes work and taking care of it all summer long will give you a sense of satisfaction while you watch it grow.

With these outdoor updates and patio decorating ideas for the summer, you can transform your backyard into an outdoor retreat with the help of our team. Find your local UBuildIt office and contact us today for more information!

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