Best Laundry Room Designs

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When it comes to building or remodeling your home, there are many factors that go into the process and this may seem overwhelming. With our teams at UBuildIt and URemodelIt, you can create the home of your dreams with our guidance. We will be there to walk you through the process and put you in contact with vendors and contractors who will turn your vision into a reality. From the initial planning and designing process to the construction and everything in between, our team will have the answers to your questions and help you stay on track and on budget. We know this can be overwhelming but you can trust our team to guide you along the way.Laundry room with cabinets and washer and dryer

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of building your home will be designing the rooms and all of the details that will go into them. We offer UDesignIt, a program that will create a custom home plan for you that has all of your must-have design features. You will get to work with our team and discuss all of the details that you want for your home. While you may be focusing on the bedrooms and living area, you will also want to make sure that your laundry room has all of the features that will make doing laundry easier. See our best laundry room design ideas here!

Top Laundry Room Design Ideas

#1 Countertops Over the Washer & Dryer

One of the best ways that you can make the most out of your laundry room is by adding in countertops that go over your washer and dryer. This will maximize your space and give you an area to fold clothing in the laundry room without having to move your laundry to another room. You can easily keep all of your laundry in this area and not have to move it from room to room as you fold, sort, and put it away. This will be incredibly useful whether you have a large laundry room or a smaller one and it will help your whole family stay organized. You will want to keep in mind that adding countertops over your washer and dryer will mean that front-loading machines will be your only option. Adding in countertops in your laundry room will give you room for folding and storage that you wouldn’t have in a typical laundry room.

Outside view of home#2 Have a Drying Area

Even if you don’t have an extensive wardrobe, you will still have things in your laundry that stay in better condition if they’re air-dried. Adding a drying area into your laundry room will keep all of these items that are drying out of sight and you can eliminate the need for a bulky drying rack. This can be as simple as adding a hanging rod over the washer and dryer, or you can add in a pull-down rack that you can push back up once everything is dry and put away. This will also be a great idea if you prefer steaming your clothes over ironing and this will give you a space to steam everything. A drying area will allow you to hang up all of your delicates or things that will shrink in the dryer.

#3 Add a Utility Sink

Having a sink in your laundry room may not seem like a necessity but once you add it in, you will never want to go back. A deep utility sink can benefit your laundry room in so many ways; you can hand wash your delicates here, let stained clothing soak for a while to get the stain out, or you can even wash your dirty items like shoes here. This sink can be utilized just for your laundry and dirty items and you will love the convenience of taking care of stains in the laundry room and then immediately moving them to the washer to be cleaned. While creating your laundry room, you will have the freedom to add in all of the features that you want and adding a sink will be one feature that you won’t regret.

#4 Add Ample StorageOutside view of home

While you may think that you only need a few key items in your laundry room, your products can quickly take up more space than planned. Having plenty of storage space in your laundry room will allow you to access things as you need them and everything will have a designated space. You can add in open shelving and display your detergent, softener, and stain remover in aesthetic jars, or you can opt for cabinets where you can store everything away and not have to look at all of the different containers. Open shelving will create a more open feel in your laundry room but cabinets will allow you to keep things away if you aren’t in the mood to organize everything.Laundry room with cabinets and island

While contemplating your storage, you may also want to add in shelves that are sized for your laundry baskets. This will help you stay organized and you can designate a basket for everyone in your home that they can grab and put away when their laundry is done. Having plenty of storage will keep your laundry room organized.

#5 Make a Mud Room Combo

Your laundry room can quickly become a catch-all space and transforming it into a mud room will make this the perfect space for everything that is dirty. You can keep dirty shoes here, add in some cubbies where backpacks and purses can be stored, and you can even keep a basket open for anything that needs to be thrown in there as soon as you come in the door. A mud room is a space that is meant to get dirty and withstand mess and it will only be beneficial to your home’s routine.

These laundry room design ideas will help you create the laundry room of your dreams within the home of your dreams. Find your local UBuildIt office and contact us today for more information!

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