Would I Save Money By NOT Hiring UBuildIt & Doing It All Myself?

You could certainly choose to DIY your custom home building project... but should you? Will it actually save you any money?
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Would I save Money By NOT Hiring UBuildIt & Doing It All Myself?

Hypothetically? Yes.

In Reality? No Way.

At this point, we’ve well established how UBuildIt can save you 20-30% over hiring a custom home builder.

What we haven’t touched on as much: Whether you’d save money by building your home without UBuildIt’s services.

On paper, it seems like you’d save money by building your home without our assistance. After all, we charge for our services like every other company does. So why not cut us out of the picture all together?

The reality, however, is that you will spend more—likely MUCH more—without our services.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, of course you’re going to say that—you just want my business!”

Not true. We say this because we have the expertise, resources, and supplier relationships the average homeowner doesn’t. As a result, we can save you money during virtually every phase of the project—from the loan process to the design to the construction.

Here are some of the ways we save our clients money that they wouldn’t otherwise save…

  • Construction Loans: Lenders tend to provide better terms if you’re working with a company they trust. We have an excellent reputation with lenders, which can help our clients secure loans with better terms and lower interest rates.
  • Design Fees: We’ve built rock-solid relationships with local designers, and some UBuildIt locations have in-house designers. As a result, our clients can save up to 75 percent on custom-created plans. This can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars—precious money you can use toward upgrades for your new home.
  • Contingency Savings: When builders price projects, they factor in an extra amount to cover budget overruns. This is money the builder keeps if your project goes as planned. With UBuildIt, though, that money goes back into YOUR pocket—not in our bank account.
  • Change Orders: Our expertise can help you reduce and prevent costly change orders. We’ve performed over 14,300 projects, so we know exactly how to help pull off a home build that goes according to plan.
  • Supplier Markup: We have a strong relationship with many material suppliers. The vast majority of them offer our clients special builder pricing. This means you don’t pay the typical markup you would if you bought from the supplier directly.
  • Costly Construction Mistakes: People building their own home usually lack experience and make mistakes… mistakes that can cost a lot of money to fix. Our services have been proven to reduce pricey mishaps and increase efficiency. (Note: We’re not talking about change orders here. A change order is when you alter the scope of the work outlined in the initial contract. Construction mistakes are just that—building errors that need to be fixed.)

These are just some of the ways we can reduce your home-building costs. As the result of our services, many of our clients are able to move into their new homes with instant equity.

Take Bob and Angie Peck, for example. They came to UBuildIt for help building a custom home. The cost of the home totaled $332,000, while it was appraised for $389,000. That’s instant equity of $57,000!

With the extra money, Bob and Angie were able to invest in a number upgrades they wouldn’t have had money to get otherwise—namely higher quality windows and doors, spray cellulose insulation, hardwood floors, a geothermal heating system, and more.

You can read more instances of UBuildIt clients moving in with instant equity on our Success Stories page. We also include case studies and testimonials in our Free Information Kit. Our Information Kit is an invaluable tool that also includes detailed cost comparisons, an in-depth explanation of our entire process, and much more. Get your copy today!

Your dream home, our experts, your instant equity.

Interested in becoming a part of our team? As a part of UBuildIt, you will get to coach homeowners and guide them through the entire process. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing home building dreams come true and join our world class team today!