What Does UBuildIt Actually Do, Anyway?

What's the deal with UBuildIt? What exactly do they do and what role do they play in building your custom home?
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What Does UBuildIt Actually Do, Anyway?

Breaking Down UBuildIt’s & The Client’s Respective Responsibilities During A Home Building Project.

We want to take a few minutes to explain our role in our clients’ home-building projects—more specifically, what we do and don’t do.

There really isn’t a precedent for the type of service we provide. As a result, some people automatically liken us to a general contractor or custom home builder.

We’re neither.

Rather, we are your hands-on home-building consultant. We provide the planning and building expertise. We have access to suppliers, subcontractors, and financial providers to help you secure the best materials at the best prices. We visit the jobsite with you 25 times to make sure everything is on track and to inspect the work to catch any problems.

In short: You are the project manager; we guide you through the process.

To be clear, we can take on a project management role as part of our UBuildIt Plus package. But most people hire us because they WANT to be the boss of their home builds. (We don’t blame them—building your own home is immensely rewarding!)

With that in mind, let’s break down the responsibilities of you (the client) and us (your consultant).

Planning Phase

What You Do: You decide on financing plans and budget. You choose the property and the designer/architect to create and finalize your home plans. You select the materials and finalize the budget.

What We Do: We review your financing plans and help you define your budget. We perform an analysis of your property and provide a written site report. We can recommend designers and architects. We can provide design input and help you understand how the design will affect various aspects of the project. We’ll explain the material selections and how they impact your budget, as well as create detailed cost reports.

Construction Phase

What You Do: You acquire the permits, choose suppliers and contractors, and order the materials. You manage the scheduling of the supplies and contractors, while attending planning meetings with your UBuildIt consultant for input on the construction process.

What We Do: We can provide guidance on all of the above—permit acquisition, scheduling, ordering products, managing the budget, and more. We can recommend suppliers, financial institutions, and subcontractors from our list of Preferred Vendors. In addition, we visit the project site 25 times throughout the project to review the work and provide quality assurance.


In a nutshell, we assist, advise, and guide—but you’re the one doing the actual work. This allows you to build your home YOUR way, while having peace of mind that expert help is in your corner when you need it.

Remember, this is assuming you choose UBuildIt Classic. If you choose UBuildIt Plus, we assume more of the responsibilities in the “What You Do” categories in both the planning and construction phases. Whichever program you choose, you get the expert help of a consulting company that has assisted in building over $1-billion worth of homes since 1988.

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