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Speak Directly With UBuildIt Clients

Speak Directly To UBuildIt Clients. Right Here. Right Now.

Online Reviews Are Well and Good. But Nothing Beats Actually Talking To Past Clients To Get Their Unfiltered Feedback.

At UBuildIt, we make no secret that a few of our online reviews aren’t all sunshine and roses. We’ve addressed this in previous articles, which you can read here and here.

Today, we want to talk about how—even though online reviews are worthwhile—it’s also important to speak DIRECTLY with a company’s previous clients. Especially with a huge project like building a custom home.


Because talking to past clients paints a FULLER picture what it’s like to work with a company… a picture that online reviews can’t always reveal.

When you talk to a past client, you can ask them questions. You can dig deeper into their experience. You can listen to their tone of voice (how they say something is just as important as what they say).

Online reviews don’t let you do this. You can’t inquire about certain aspects of the experience. Or get more info about a specific part of the project the client mentioned in the review. Or have a deep conversation about what the client considered the company’s pros and cons. With online reviews, you’re limited to the information that’s on your computer screen.

This is why we make client references available on request. Just contact us and let us know you want to talk to some of our clients. We’ll email you a list of clients who built their homes with our help.

You might be thinking that we’ve curated a list of clients who will only say good things about us.


We don’t coach our references or tell them what to say. In fact, we make it abundantly clear that they sugarcoat NOTHING when they speak to you. After all, you’re looking for the FULL story of what it’s like to work with us. That’s what our client references will provide you.

Not sure what to ask our references?

It might feel a little awkward talking to strangers, but don’t worry—all of our references are more than happy to take your call. (We only ask that you call them at a respectful time.)

If you’re stumped about what to ask them, here is a list of questions to get you started:

  • Why did you choose UBuildIt?
  • Do you feel UBuildIt provided you with the help you needed to build your home?
  • Were you able to build your home within budget or with instant equity? If so, how much did you save?
  • Did you use any of UBuildIt’s Preferred Vendors? If so, were they high quality?
  • Did you experience any issues while working with UBuildIt? If so, did UBuildIt resolve these issues to your satisfaction?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall experience with UBuildIt?
  • Did UBuildIt keep the promises they made?
  • If you had to do it over again, would you choose UBuildIt?

If you want to speak directly with our past clients, contact us and let us know. We’ll email you a list of references who are ready and willing to give you the full scoop on what it’s like building a home with us.

So… Are We Trying To Downplay Our Online Reviews?

You might be thinking this is all a roundabout way of saying, “Don’t trust our bad online reviews! We’re the best and never make mistakes!”

That’s not the case. At all.

Please feel free to read any and all of our online reviews. The good. The bad. And the nasty.

But keep in mind—since 1988, we’ve performed over 14,300 projects across all of our franchises. Our negative reviews make up one-tenth of one percent of those projects.

Not ten percent.

Not one percent.

ONE-TENTH of one percent.

That’s a solid track record, considering we have 25 locations and have helped build over one billion dollars worth of homes!

So after you read our online reviews, contact us for that list of client references. Remember, we’ve made it explicitly clear to our references to provide you with a transparent and unbiased account of their UBuildIt experiences.

You can also request our Free Information Kit for in-depth case studies, cost comparisons, and a breakdown of our services.

Thanks for reading!

Your dream home, our experts, your instant equity.

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