Does Building a Home with UBuildIt Actually Save Money?

Will hiring UBuildIt as your home building consultant save you money? Is it worth the investment?
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Does Building A Home With UBuildIt Actually Save Money?

UBuildIt Says You Can Save Up To 30 Percent With Their Services.

Let’s See If This Statement Holds Water…

Many people’s ears perk up when we tell them the average UBuildIt client saves 20-30% on building their custom home. After all… when you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, 30% is a lot of money. (Thirty percent on a $300,000 home = $90,000!)

After the surprise wears off, though, some people become a little skeptical. How, exactly, would UBuildIt save me that kind money? Is this just a pie-in-the-sky fantasy designed to get me to sign on the dotted line?

These are smart questions to ask—especially in today’s age of marketing fluff, where companies make big promises but deliver disappointment.

Here’s the truth: When we say our clients save up to 30%, it’s not a marketing angle or advertising puffery. It’s simply the result we got when we crunched the numbers.

Apples to apples, we took what our clients were building their homes for and compared it to industry standards. We then calculated the price difference to determine that, on average, our clients were actually building bigger and better homes… for almost one-third less cost!

You can read some of our client success stories to see the kind of savings our clients can experience. We’ve also featured a few of them below. Take a look…

“We closed financing yesterday. Both appraisers were very much impressed with the quality of the work. So with equity and land, we came out $75,000 ahead at the low end.” -- Peter Petersen

“We were able to gain over $120,000 in equity the day we moved in. I did some of the work myself, but that was the beauty of the whole deal.” -- Mark

“Our appraisal before the remodel was $400,000. We invested $150,000 into the remodeling project. The appraised value after the remodel is $750-$825,000.The money saved in managing this project ourselves along with the UBuildIt Consultants, allowed us to take on a project of greater scope than we could have if we had used a general contractor.” -- Mick & Julie W.

“Based on other bids we received by other firms in the area, we saved approximately $30,000 to $40,000 and managed the whole project ourselves.” -- Teresa & Scott

“We are by no means professional builders, but our UBuildIt representative gave us an education and guidance through the building process. We even enjoyed doing some of the work ourselves. We finished with almost $200,000 of equity!” -- Sean and Kim T.

Where Do All These Savings Come From, Exactly?

Since it’s proven that UBuildIt clients do save money when building their homes, the question then becomes… “Where are the savings coming from?”

The cost savings don’t come from just one area of the project, but through various portions of the home build.  These include the following:

  • No Home Builder Markup: Custom home builders tend to mark up their services heavily. When you’re your own construction project manager, you don’t have to worry about this! We do have a fee for our services, but it’s nowhere the markup of a home builder.
  • Land Acquisition: We generate a Site Review Report on the land you’re considering buying. You can use this a negotiating tool to help you get a better price.
  • Plan Development: Our strong relationship with designers and architects can help you save money by decreasing the chance of revisions and change orders. These designers also offer our clients extensive discounts on their services. Some UBuildIt locations have their own in-house designers, which also substantially curbs design costs for our clients.
  • Personal Involvement: You or anyone you know can be part of the project. Have a relative who is an expert remodeler? Hire them for those deep family-and-friends discounts. If you have construction experience, you can also perform some of the work yourself.
  • Project Costing: UBuildIt professionals can acquire the necessary bids for you from a list of Preferred Vendors. Or you can obtain the bids yourself using our bids as a benchmark.
  • Material Discounts: Many of UBuildIt’s suppliers give UBuildIt clients “builder pricing” and other special discounts.
  • Safety Savings: Our process has been proven to reduce costly mistakes and increase efficiency.

The bottom line is, we maximize your savings from every possible angle. Like a home builder, we can get you supplier discounts and minimize costly change orders. Yet unlike a home builder, we won’t charge you a huge markup. Win-win!

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