Does UBuildIt Build Cookie Cutter Homes?

A contractor in OK recently accused UBuildIt of taking a “cookie cutter” approach to home building. Here's the truth about that...
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Does UBuildIt Build “Cookie Cutter” Homes?

We Help You Build A Beautiful, One-Of-A-Kind Home.

The Only Thing “Plain” About Us Is Our Honesty.

A general contractor in Oklahoma recently accused UBuildIt of taking a “cookie cutter” approach to home building. They essentially argue that we’re a transaction-minded company that doesn’t listen to what you want. As a result, they say, we don’t help our clients build their dream homes due to our “one-size-fits-all” approach.

This isn’t just a misrepresentation of what we do or the results we help clients achieve—it’s patently false. And on a few levels.

First, it assumes we’re the ones always doing the designing. Some of our UBuildIt locations have in-house designers, but not all of them. Those that don’t can connect you with designers and guide you through the design process, but aren’t actually performing the design.

Our locations that do have in-house design are stacked with top talent. Our designers are experienced, passionate, and skilled. They are artists, and our clients’ homes are their masterpieces. They get no greater satisfaction than helping you create a beautiful home within your budget.

In a nutshell: We’re consultants. We provide input and make recommendations. If you’re working with a UBuildIt location that has in-house designers, you can choose to use them or not—it’s up to you. In either case, the notion we produce cookie-cutter homes makes zero sense. After all, our clients are the ones putting their final stamps of approval on the design.

Second, the general contractor who said this about us also said the following: “A one-size-fits-all builder likely won’t want to take the time to understand all the complexities of your custom home build; the necessary planning to avoid nasty surprises down the road is not guaranteed.”

Our response: Huh?

The thing is, it’s true a “one-size-fits-all” builder won’t take the time to work through the complexities of your home build.

But, again, we’re not a home builder—we’re your home-building consultant. One of our most important duties is making sure you and the contractors you hire anticipate and have a plan of action for all the complexities of your home build. As a result, we’ve helped our clients create some pretty amazing homes… while allowing them move in with up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity.

Lastly, we have a confession: we are “plain” in one respect—our honesty.

We’re not “yes” men. And we don’t sugarcoat.

A builder/general contractor/consultant who guarantees you can build your dream home within your budget is the worst company you can hire. It’s a setup for disappointment later on in the project, when the very real prospect of trade-offs rears its head.

Instead of telling you what you want to hear, we tell you what you NEED to hear.

If you come to us, we know you’re serious about building a custom home. And we consider your reaching out an honor and a privilege.

We listen to your goals, ideas, and dreams. Then we do everything we can to help you realize your vision. But we also make sure to set expectations and be real with you about what’s possible.

Truthfully, our clients love our pull-no-punches honesty because it prevents them from building a home that’s too big for their budgets. And if something isoutside a client’s budget, we always help them determine an alternate—yet equally as satisfying—solution. That’s the kind of skill you acquire when you engage any of our consultants!

Be honest…

  • Would you like working with a company that tells you what you want to hear, even though they secretly know this will cause problems later on?
  • Or, would prefer a company that tells told the whole truth up front to prevent surprises, disappointment, and cost overruns after the project begins?

If you choose the second option, you choose us.

Our honesty is plain. The results we help you achieve are anything but.

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