The Elephant in the Room

We know UBuildIt has some bad reviews out there. Check out our official statement and response to the claims.
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Elephant in the Room

Is UBuildIt a scam

Elephant In The Room: Addressing UBuildIt’s Bad Online Reviews

You Might Have Seen Some Negative Feedback About UBuildIt.

But When You’re As Big A Company As Us, A Few Bad Reviews Come With The Territory.

Lexus is widely regarded as one of the world’s most trusted car manufacturers.

They’ve sold millions of vehicles, won hundreds of industry awards, and rank at the top of the Consumer Reports list for most reliable cars. They also have one of the most fanatical customer bases you’ll find—there’s a Lexus-owners message board with over 160,000 members downright obsessed with the brand.

But if you looked only at Lexus’s reviews on the website P@!#ed Consumer, you’d think their vehicles are less reliable than a bumper car made of parchment paper. As of this writing, Lexus has 99 reviews on the site with an abysmal 1.7 rating (out of 5). Complaints involve bad customer service, deceptive advertising, and poor reliability.

So, what gives? Is Lexus a reliable car company or not? Which do you trust—the good stuff you hear or the bad?

To answer that last question, you have to take a few things into account…

1. Websites like P@!#ed Consumer actively encourage people to leave negative feedback about a company—it’s in their name, for crying out loud. You won’t find many people leaving positive reviews their website… after all, they’re not called Pleased Consumer!

2. Consumers who feel they have had negative experiences with a company are two to three times more likely to write an online review.

3. The more money and emotions invested in a purchase, the higher the odds someone who had an unsatisfying experience will leave a bad review.

Considering these factors, you can see why even a trusted company like Lexus has a few online-review blackeyes. Cars cost a lot of money. And, let’s be honest, we all want a vehicle that reflects the status and character we want the world to see (this is where emotion comes in to play).

Someone unsatisfied with a car they bought is more likely to vent their frustration online than someone unsatisfied with a brand of toothpaste they don’t like. The car costs more money, and more emotions went into making the purchase.

Now, take the monetary and emotional investment of buying a car and multiply it by 10. That’s the kind of investment that comes with building a home.

Few purchases are higher stakes than building a custom home. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s a monumental challenge. And unless you have pockets deeper than Bill Gates, you basically get one shot at it.

No pressure, right?

With so much money and emotion tied into a home-building project, it’s no wonder home building is in the top 1 percent of the Better Business Bureau’s most complained-about industriesAnd it’s a big reason a few of our own online reviews are a little… less than spectacular.

If you look at our negative online reviews, you’ll find the majority discuss budget issues. Specifically, that the client’s building costs we estimated were lower than the final costs.

Typically, we can accurately estimate the costs of our clients’ home builds within 10%. But we make it clear that our numbers are not hard and final. The Home-Building Triangle is a very real thing, and trade-offs are a common occurrence when building a custom home. Though we’re experts at budget estimations, we make no guarantees about how much you’ll spend. (If any company does do that, run away. Fast.)

But as we said, building a home is high-stakes, high-emotion, and high-money. People are naturally going to be more “on edge” when thousands of dollars are on the line. So it’s normal for them to have a strong reaction to things that don’t go according to plan. (This is why we teach our clients the Dr. Spock method to home building.)

Our Bad Reviews Make Up Less Than One Percent Of Our Client Base

We’ve been around since 1988. In that time, we’ve completed over 14,300 projects and helped build over a billion dollars’ worth of homes. Like Lexus, we have thousands of raving fans… and also a few nonfans who probably won’t invite us to Thanksgiving dinner. When you’re a big company serving thousands of people, it comes with the territory.

If you’re looking for peace of mind regarding our company, know that the folks who have left us negative online reviews make up less than 1% of our client base. We even directly address the most common complaints in this article.

To see a few of our many client success stories—and find out more about what it’s like to work with us—request your free information kit. Included in your kit are case studies, cost comparisons, in-depth details about our services, and more.


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