Your 3 Options for Building a Custom Home, Explained

When building a custom home, you have 3 options. Which one is best for you & your family?
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Your 3 Options For Building A Custom Home, Explained


You Can Hire A Contractor, Build Yourself, Or Build With The Help Of UBuildIt.

Let’s Explore The Pros & Cons Of Each Approach To See Which Is Right For YOU.

When it comes to building a custom home, there are two types of people…

  1. Those who want someone to do it for them.
  2. Those who want to do it themselves.

If you’re considering a new custom home, you might be on the fence about which option to choose. Option #1 would involve hiring a home builder or general contractor to coordinate, execute, and manage the project. Option #2 would involve you taking on the role of general contractor and managing the project yourself.

But there’s also a third option. More accurately, option #2B: building your home yourself with the help of UBuildIt!

When you choose this option, you’re still the general contractor, but we act as your hands-on construction consultant. Thousands of people have chosen this option because it allows for more control and savings, while providing peace of mind that there is always expert help at hand.

That said, we understand we’re not right for everyone. So let’s take a look at your 3 options for building a custom home to see which works best for you.

Option #1: Hiring A Builder Or General Contractor

A general contractor is essentially the boss of a home build. Their responsibilities include providing the materials and equipment, hiring and coordinating the subcontractors, overseeing the job, getting building permits, monitoring cash flow, scheduling the project… basically, anything and everything. A home builder also does these things and performs the actual construction of your home as well.

Home builders and general contractors charge anywhere from a 15-30% markup. That means if your builder has a 25% markup, you pay an extra $75,000 to build a $300,000 home. That’s a lot of money, but some people find it’s worth paying for the reassurance that a professional is handling the project.

Hiring A Builder Or General Contractor May Be Right For You If…

  • You don’t have the time or inclination to build your home
  • You don’t mind paying more or are not worried about budget
  • You aren’t concerned with moving into your new home with minimal to no equity
  • You’re okay with letting someone else handle major decisions

Option #2: Building Your Home Yourself

People opt to build their own home for a number of reasons. If you choose this option, you get total control over the process, more chances to flex your creative muscles, and the right to skip the builder markup. Plus, you get the unequaled satisfaction of building your own home.

That said, being your own general contractor can be daunting. This is typically why it’s recommended you have at least some construction experience if you’re tackling a home build with no help. Otherwise, things can spiral out of control quickly—cost overruns, change orders, project delays, uncooperative subcontractors… you name it. If you have no industry experience, you probably won’t know how to handle these setbacks properly.

Building your own home also eats up much of your time—expect to spend at least 30 hours a week on the project. That kind of time is hard to come by for most people, so be sure you can dedicate the equivalent of a work week to your home build before diving in.

Building Your Home With No Help May Be Right For You If…

  • You want total control of the project
  • You have previous construction experience
  • You don’t mind spending 30 or more hours a week on the project
  • You feel confident you can personally handle setbacks that can come with building a custom home (budget overruns, scheduling delays, etc.)

Option #2B: Building Your Home Yourself With UBuildIt’s Help

This option is for people who want the benefits of Option #2… with the expert assistance to avoid all the problems.

As we said earlier, we’re your hands-on construction consultant. We’ll help you with bidding, hiring subcontractors, plan development, and project costing. We’ll review your plans and budget to make sure everything is on target. We’ll visit the jobsite 25 times to ensure the project remains on track. We’ll provide guidance and assistance throughout the project to help you steer clear of setbacks and properly handle issues.

Bottom line: You’re still calling the shots; we’re the ones helping you navigate the process.

Choosing to work with UBuildIt can also provide you with savings you can’t get with Options #1 and #2. We have a strong relationship with our suppliers, so they typically provide our clients with builder-level pricing. We don’t have the same markup as general contractors and builders, so we can help you build your home with instant equity. And our assistance throughout your project can help you avoid costly change orders that can eat into your budget.

You’ll also save much more time when building your home with our help. On average, our clients spend 5-15 hours a week (or 1-3 hours per business day) on their projects. This allows you to be the boss of the project while still having, you know, a life.

No construction experience is needed when you work with UBuildIt. We aid you throughout the process, while you still get the satisfaction YOU are the one who built your home. Win-win!

Building Your With UBuildIt’s Help May Be Right For You If…

  • You want control of the project—and the satisfaction of building your own home—but don’t have construction experience
  • You do have construction experience but need assistance with aspects of home building you’re unfamiliar with
  • You can dedicate 5 to 15 hours a week to the project
  • You want to move into your new home with instant equity

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