How to Stay Organized as a Project Manager

Building your own home means you are the project manager. Here are some organization and management tips to use when you build with UBuildIt
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Being your own Project Manager is all about organization and management of the details of the job. Keeping yourself organized can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration. Here are just few suggestions to keep you organized:

Keep everything in one place. You can use a set of files or a single notebook. Most construction Project Managers have found a notebook works the best. Always have something to take notes in when you are at a job site.

Here are some things that you can keep in your notebook or files.

  • Things to do list
  • Telephone log showing when you called, who and what was said.
  • List of all subcontractors and suppliers along with phone numbers and the best time to contact them.
  • A place for general notes
  • A copy of all the bids
  • A copy of the specifications

Keep a copy of the blueprints. Always bring them with you to the job site.

Keep a file for all your financing documents. This is especially true if you are using a construction loan. You will need a copy of your original budget and copies of all your draw sheets. These are the documents that you present to your construction lender to disburse funds on your construction loan.

Track your actual expenses versus your projected budget. Sometimes your construction loan documents will be all you need, but usually there are some items that you do not run through your construction loan, like small items and items at the beginning of the process before you get your loan. You might want to use a spreadsheet to keep track of all items.

Keep a construction calendar or flow chart. This helps you know when to schedule the subcontractors and order materials. One suggestion is to buy a plastic calendar for two-three months and keep track of your project. You can use different colored pens for each subcontractor. Call the subcontractors a couple weeks in advance to keep them a breast of the progress of your project. You will also need to order materials, sometimes well in advance, to have them ready for the subcontractors. For example, windows and kitchen cabinets take 3 to 6 weeks to be delivered after you have made your original order. Make sure you look ahead and try to anticipate the needs that will arise.

Communicate regularly. Regular and frequent communication with your subcontractors and suppliers will ensure there are no costly mistakes or time delays. Being your own Project Manager is a major undertaking but with planning and organization you can have the dream home you have always wanted. Contact your UBuildIt office today to hear how they can help you be a successful Project Manager.

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