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Home Building

UBuildIt is the right solution for anyone who wants to take control of their construction process, save money, and see their vision for their home come to reality without even picking up a hammer. Most of us aren't carpenters or do-it-yourselfers. So, how do you choose which of our programs is right for you? Here's a quick look at what each program offers.

UBuildIt-Custom Home: This is program for someone hoping to build his or her own home. You don't even need land to start talking with us, in fact, it's better if you haven't acquired property yet, as we can help guide you through the process of selecting a location or helping you determine what kind of land would be best suited to the house you're hoping to build. And if you're worried about ending up with some kind of kit home, please remember that any home we get involved in is 100% custom and each home is as different as each client. UBuildIt offers prospective homeowners a two-fold saving advantage. First, you save money by building your own home instead of buying. One family we worked with brought us in with UBuildIt Custom Home to re-create a house they'd wanted to buy but had been sold before they'd had a chance. Not only did we build a replica of their dream home, but their budget had been the retail price of the house they'd missed out on. Because it's cheaper to build than buy, they had enough money left over to install a swimming pool! You may prefer to use the extra dollars to upgrade your appliances, build a shop, or take a special, well-deserved vacation. Second, after you choose to build not buy, you'll have another round of savings when you choose UBuildIt instead of hiring a contractor. You'll save up to 25% by avoiding those project management markups! Remember what we said above about Markups, Savings and project Control.

UBuildIt Plus: As in our UBuildIt Plus Remodel program, this takes more of the administration out of your hands and into ours. You still have all the control offered in Custom Home to design the house of your dreams, but for those of you with busier schedules, this requires less time and involvement. UBuildIt Plus will lighten the load for you during both the planning and construction phases. During planning, we do more of the site research than our clients, rather than guiding them into the research and allowing them to do the rest. With UBuildIt Plus, we take an active role in reviewing all plans being developed by designers or architects for your project. Then, during the construction, we can make hiring recommendations, our office will check the license and insurance information for vendors and subcontractors, and we help with scheduling and ordering materials. UBuildIt Plus lowers the number of site visits by the client while raising ours considerably.

UBuildIt-Remodel: This option is the choice for anyone looking to make changes to their existing home, not build something new from the ground up. Remodeling is a good idea for anyone hoping to make their house more marketable before listing, to make room for an expanding family, or just to turn your current home into the one you've always dreamed of owning. And, if you own it long enough, any home over a certain age will require some kind of remodeling as elements become outdated, unsafe, or unfashionable. But remodeling, like new construction, requires subcontractors, permits, and a whole lot of knowledge. If you're worried about being able to do it all on your own, but still want to maintain Control over the project, UBuildIt Remodel is the perfect program. We have the suppliers, subcontractors, and UBuildIt expert Consultants to guide you every step of the way. One of the most common complaints about remodelers is that they take too long to complete the project. By acting as your own contractor, you can set whatever pace you want within the normal construction time constraints. Another concern and confusion is controlling builder markups along with change orders.  By thorough pre-planning your project with you, UBuildIt collects wholesale costs for you and prevents most surprises. You pay no markups on materials or labor, and have our construction expertise always with you. You will make informed decisions. Within our remodeling package, we offer two options: UBuildIt Classic, where you take the helm on most of the details and subcontractor co-ordination, or UBuild It Plus, where we play a larger part in scheduling and work processing to lighten your load.

UBuildIt Green Building: One thing that sets UBuildIt apart in the construction industry is our green approach. There is a lot of disagreement and discrepancy in the industry on how to best achieve sustainability and what to prioritize, so we've chosen to look at going green from a purely cost benefit standpoint. For example, you could choose an option that lowers your monthly energy bill but raises your mortgage. With our Green Building program, we'll help you take a look at different methods of green construction and what they'll actually wind up saving you. We can also help you fully understand the value and requirements of different levels of certification if that's what you're seeking.

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