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Top Places to Live in Houston, TX

When it comes to building a home, you want to find the perfect place where your family can thrive and a place where you can grow together andOutside view of home explore the area. Living in Houston, there are a variety of exciting experiences around every turn that everyone can participate in. By choosing to live in Houston, you will allow yourself and your family to have easy access to all that the city has to offer. From the city’s expansive dining scene and the variety of entertainment options to the recreational and cultural areas, you will love getting to discover all that the city and surrounding areas hold. Whether you’re wanting a short commute to the heart of the city, or looking to escape the city life and live on the outskirts of town, our Houston home builders can assist you in finding the perfect place to build your dream home.

If you’re looking to build near the heart of the city, you may want to consider building in the Tanglewood or Greater Heights neighborhoods. Both of these neighborhoods are close enough to the heart of the city to make for an easy commute but far enough away for you to escape the bustling city when you need to. In these neighborhoods, there is also a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment so you can find everything you need nearby. There are several other districts and neighborhoods within the city and you can find the perfect place to build your new home that will put you within reach of everything you’re searching for.

Kitchen and view of dining areaBy building closer to the heart of the city, you will not only have a short commute and easy access to the heart of the city, you can also experience all of the culture in the city. From museums to music venues and parks and recreational areas, the heart of the city is home to a variety of areas and venues to explore. These neighborhoods aren’t the only ones near the downtown area so you have a variety of options near the downtown area to build your home.

For those that are looking for an escape from city life, head to the outskirts of the city and find sprawling plots that will allow you to roam and have plenty of space. The outside of Houston doesn’t necessarily have “neighborhoods” like the inner area does, but there are still a wide selection of spaces to build a home. The open area will give you the freedom to build a home that suits your exact needs and maybe even build extra buildings like a barn or a guest house! Choosing to build outside of the city will give you the freedom that you have been searching for and it offers the perfect opportunity to build your home to your exact specifications.

Living in the outskirts, you can still experience all that the city has to offer. There is a vast highway system surrounding the city and almost any major highway that you take will lead you to the heart of the city. While your morning commute may be a little longer, it’ll be worth it when you get to watch the beautiful Texas sunsets from your porch without large buildings getting in the way.

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