Home Services

UBuildIt offers a variety of different services when building your new home. View our list of services and start planning your dream home!
Home Building

Home Services by UBuildIt are so much more than just new construction and remodeling. Need to find a proven subcontractor? Want the most energy efficient home? Just looking for trusted advice? At UBuildIt, we offer a variety of construction-related services to help you with nearly ANY construction project you have in mind.

Below is a brief summary of some of the standard additional services that we offer:

Land Purchase Evaluation

We'll look at any property you're considering buying from the eye of a builder... and evaluate if the home you'd like to build is feasible or not.

Site Planning

We'll review a piece of property you own, provide a professional report addressing any issues and provide some of the potential development costs of that site.

Plan Design

We'll work with you as you plan your home and provide advice on space efficiency, design options, building complexity, and resale-ability.

Budget Planning

Before you get too far into your project, we'll work with you to create a "ballpark" estimate to see how feasible your project will be.

Green Building

Assistance in energy efficient techniques and materials, renewable energy options, improved indoor air quality, water efficiency, etc.

Subcontractor Referrals

Need an electrician? How about a roofer, painter, plumber of other subcontractor? We can connect you with reliable subs.

Tenant Improvement

We offer guidance and advice to owners who wish to manage their own tenant improvement project, or who need a quality project manager.

Materials Selection

We'll go with you to showrooms or supply houses to provide advice to you when making material selections.

Your dream home, our experts, your instant equity.

Interested in becoming a part of our team? As a part of UBuildIt, you will get to coach homeowners and guide them through the entire process. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing home building dreams come true and join our world class team today!