Home Renovation Tips & Organization Guide

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With UBuildIt, you can make your dreams come true with our expert home-building team. While you may think our team only handles new builds, we can also help with your home remodel. URemodelIt is our program that is specifically designed for those that want to make updates and renovations to their home. Home remodels can be just as busy and stressful as new builds, and our team will be there to keep you on track and help you stick to your timeline. We have also gathered a few home renovation tips that are sure to help you stay organized. View our tips on how to organize your home renovation here!Outside view of home

Tips for Organizing a Home Renovation

#1 Map Out Your Plan

Home renovations can be a daunting task but if you have a plan carefully laid out, you will be prepared for anything. You can start by making a list of everything that you want to update and make it in order of things that you want the most to things that are lower priority. Once you have your list made, you will be able to get into the details of each project and iron out the specifications of each area. During this planning time, you may also want to consider where you will stay during the renovations. If you are going to go room by room, you may be able to stay home if it is still livable, but if you are fully overhauling your home, you may want to consider staying somewhere else. Whether you create a simple sketch or use online software to fully map out your plans, you will be able to put a picture with your idea and get a better picture of what these renovations will entail.

Kitchen area with islandAfter you have created your design plans, you will then want to get into the more technical details. You will be able to determine your exact budget, where you will start, decide which contractors you will use, if you will need any permits for your projects, and where you still stay during this time. You can even get a binder together during this time to keep everything all in one place so you can access it easily and ensure that it won’t get lost during the remodeling process. Once you have your team assembled and the necessary paperwork, you can start moving forward with your design team. Having a carefully thought-out plan will ensure that your renovation stays on track and organized.

#2 Pack Up Your Place

While you have people working on your home, you won’t want all of your things in their way, hindering them from completing tasks and potentially being broken in the process. You will want to pack up all of your things that you want to keep safe and if you take your time while packing, you will be able to make sure that everything is organized and easy to put back once your renovations are finished. You can organize your things as you pack so that unpacking will be a breeze and you can even take this time to go through your things and declutter so you have a fresh start and organized home.

As you pack up your home, you will also want to go through everything and find your essentials. The things that you use every day and can’t live without. You can then find a safe space to keep these things, like a room that won’t be undergoing renovations, so you can easily access them and have everything that you need. Packing up your things may seem like a tedious task but it will help you stay organized throughout the process and you won’t be searching for things that you need in the middle of a work zone.

#3 Communicate With Your Team

One of the best ways to make sure that your remodel goes smoothly is by communicating clearly with your team and making sure that everyone is on the same page. If this is your first big project or your first time being around construction, it is okay to ask questions. If you don’t understand something or you’re unsure about which choice to make, you have a full team of people that have your best interest in mind. Our team at URemodelIt will, of course, be there to guide you and help with anything that you need.Outside view of home

It is also important to make sure that all of your contractors are on the same page. With plumbers, electricians, cabinetmakers, and a variety of other teams all working in one space, you will want to be sure that they all know exactly what is going on so nothing gets damaged in the process and that there are no delays. It may be a good idea to have a full team meeting before you start with renovations so they are all familiar with each other and have a clear idea of what is going into the remodel. An open line of communication will allow you to keep an eye on everything happening in your home and make sure that you are organized and on track.

These are just a few steps that you can take to make sure that your home renovation stays on task and organized. Our home renovation tips and expert team at URemodelIt will help you turn your home into your dream home. Find your local UBuildIt office and contact us today for more information!

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