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Make your dream home a reality with UBuildIt! Our home builders in Central Texas and around the country will help you with all stages of building your new home. From initial planning to scheduling, building, and final inspections, our team will be there with you every step of the way. On top of all this, ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible is an important step in this process. See our top tips to create an energy-efficient home and contact us at UBuildIt to get started today!Outside view of home and driveway

Top 5 Tips for an Energy-Efficient Home

1. Routine Maintenance on the HVAC System

Routine HVAC maintenance is crucial for maintaining an energy-efficient home for many different reasons. Regular maintenance ensures that the system operates at peak efficiency. Cleaning and replacing filters assist in reducing energy waste and optimizing performance. A well-maintained HVAC system consumes less energy, leading to lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact. Additionally, timely maintenance helps identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs or replacements. By addressing problems early on, homeowners can prevent energy leaks, inefficient heating or cooling, and excessive strain on the system. Overall, investing in routine HVAC maintenance is a great choice if you want to continue having an energy-efficient home.

2. Use Window Treatments

Making sure you use window treatments like blinds, shades, films, or anything else will greatly assist in regulating temperature without overworking your HVAC system. Properly chosen window treatments can minimize heat gain during hot summer months and prevent heat loss during colder seasons. Additionally, window treatments can control natural light, allowing homeowners to harness daylight and reduce their reliance on artificial lighting, further cutting down on energy usage. On top of this, during the cooler months, make sure to let sunlight in during the day to help warm the house, and close your window treatments at night to keep the heat in. By investing in energy-efficient window treatments, homeowners enhance their living comfort and conserve energy.

Unfurnished living area with fireplace3. Take Care of Drafty Windows and Doors

Reducing drafty windows and doors is crucial for having an energy-efficient home. Drafts can significantly compromise the insulation of a house, leading to unnecessary energy loss. During the colder months, chilly drafts infiltrate the living spaces, forcing heating systems to work harder and consume more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. Similarly, in hot weather, drafts allow conditioned air to escape and allow warm air to enter, making the air run more than necessary. By sealing these gaps and addressing drafts promptly, homeowners can create a more airtight and energy-efficient environment.

4. Consider Solar Panels

If you want to go all-in on an energy-efficient home, you may want to consider investing in solar panels. By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions, helping combat energy costs and improve the environment. This renewable energy source is a sustainable option for homeowners seeking to decrease their environmental impact. Additionally, solar panels can be integrated into various residential structures, including rooftops and ground-mounted systems, so you can easily optimize space. Moreover, solar panels require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, ensuring energy savings over several decades. Additionally, financial incentives such as tax credits further enhance the economic viability of solar installations.

5. Invest in an Energy AuditBathroom with tub and shower

If you aren’t sure where to start or what your home needs, you may want to consider a professional energy audit. An audit can help you see how much energy your home is currently using and where there is room for improvement. A professional will easily be able to find issues with windows, doors, HVAC systems, and more, and they will have suggestions tailored to your home.

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