Green Building - What does that really mean?

Is green building worth the effort? Find out what that means for you here.
Green Building

According to Wikipedia:  "Green Building is the practice of increasing the efficiency of buildings and their use of energy, water and materials, and reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal - the complete building life cycle." The EPA & Green Building A family of 4, each showering 5 min. per day will use 700 gallons of water per week - a 3 year drinking supply for 1 person in the US.  Using a high performance showerhead uses 1-1.5 gallons of water per minute - up to 60% less than a traditional showerhead.

The EPA tells us that in the US today, residential buildings account for:

21.5% of total energy use. With the average home in the US spending $1,900 a year on energy, you can achieve significant savings while positively affecting your environment by following green building techniques.

9.1% of total water consumption For most of us, the majority of our water usage is inside the home.  Using these principles, you can enjoy great savings in water consumption and the energy required to heat it.

34.8% of total electricity consumption With homes today accounting for 34.8% of total US electricity consumption of electricity, the use of energy efficient appliances and building practices can make a significant impact on the amount of electricity your home uses as well as be a cost savings to you for years to come.

7.8% of the carbon dioxide emissions. Many of the sources of the energy we use in our homes are produced by methods which carbon dioxide emissions.  For every gallon of water or kilowatt-hour of electricity you save, you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.  Reduction of those emissions can only benefit you, your family and the surrounding community.


U. S. Department of Energy By using green building principles, you can decrease the impact you and your family has on the environment and our natural resources. Green building represents a commitment to the environment, a contribution to a healthier community and a better world while achieving ongoing cost savings, and health and comfort benefits for you and your family.

The electricity generated by fossil fuels for a single home puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than 2 average cars.

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