Earth Day 2015 and Your Home

By utilizing these, tips home builders and their clients can create more energy efficient homes. Contact UBuildIt today!
Green Building

At the end of April every year, in the throes of the wonder of spring, we take a moment to celebrate the earth. For the time being it is the only home we all have and we are all doing what we can to take care of it, and this includes home builders.

One of the easiest ways to conserve energy in a home is to make sure the home is properly insulated. One area where this can make a real difference in your energy costs is in your attic. This will reduce the loss of heat and air from the home. Along with insulation it is also a good idea to install plenty of vents and fans to maintain air flow in the attic. This will keep your attic cooler and drier which will ensure the over all longevity of your home.

Windows are another area of the home that are a source of energy loss. By installing two or even three pane windows a home owner can reduce energy loss. Another great way to keep your cooling cost down in the summer months are to tint your windows or to use window treatments as a barrier against the sun's rays. As the sun's rays pass through glass the heating effect of the rays are increased and can heat up your house during the hottest months of the year. It is also a good idea to check that all windows and doors are closing properly and fully. Check the insulation or weather stripping around all windows and doors for leaks.

Another big way to make conservation a part of your home build is to install low flow toilets. These toilets use far less water than a tradition toilet, and some come equipped with two different flush options, light and full. If you have already built your home there are toilet balloons that can be installed in traditional toilets so that they use less water. It is also important to fix any leaking toilets. A leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day.

A key part of any home build is appliances. An easy way to save energy is to choose energy star certified appliances. These appliances save on energy cost while not skimping on functionality and advanced features. This is an easy way to conserve energy and save money.

A very popular way to conserve energy these days is by installing solar panels on the roof of the home. This adds to the initial cost of the home, but reduces the homeowner's dependency on energy produced by non-renewable sources.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is a way to build a home without using lumber framing. These homes are highly energy efficient, sturdier than wood frames homes, and are more resistant to events that damage homes, such as fires, the weather, and mold. The Payne Family has decided to build their home using the ICF method. Check back to see how their house looks when it is finished. Courtesy of the Payne Family, UbuildIt is going to show that a house can be beautiful, functional, have everything you want, and be earth conscious.

By utilizing these tips home builders and their clients can create more energy efficient homes helping our universal home, earth, and save the homeowners some money.

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