Aging in Place Remodeling

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Your needs change throughout your life, but that doesn’t have to mean you need to leave the home that you love. Aging in place is the idea of changing your home to make it easier to live in as you age, and we can help you make these necessary changes. If you love where you live, and want to stay there, URemodelIt will help make your home suit your lifestyle. Our team will be able to help you make necessary changes to your home that will allow you to grow with your home. Whether it’s completely renovating your home to suit your needs or just making a few upgrades that will make your life easier, our team will be there to guide you and help you make the best choices. Keep reading to see some of our top tips for aging in place remodeling and contact us today to get started!

Top 5 Tips for Aging in Place Remodeling

1. Create a Low-Maintenance Home

As you and your home age, it will become more important to make sure you aren’t having to constantly maintain the exterior and interior. From incorporating a low-maintenance exterior like vinyl or brick to upgrading your interior flooring to make it easy to keep clean and safe, there’s no shortage of ways to make your home easier to keep up with.

For the exterior of your home, you can choose easier landscaping options, like self-sustaining lawns and short shrubs or even adding in a sprinkler system that will automatically water your lawn so that you don’t have to. If you want to make your home more accessible, you can even consider replacing any stairs with a ramp and level out any uneven surfaces. There are several updates for aging in place that start with your exterior.

Inside, you can make changes everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom to make it easier to clean and more accessible. You can add in a walk-in shower so you don’t have to climb over the edge of a bathtub, or there are even walk-in bathtubs now if you don’t want to give up your bathtub. In your kitchen, you may want to add in an under-cabinet vacuum so you don’t have to bend down to clean up any dust and dirt. URemodelIt can help you with all this and more!

2. Consider Your Home’s Floor Plan

Make sure you have a floor plan that will make aging in place seamless. Keeping the living area and primary bedroom on one floor, and even better, having a single-level home makes it easier to move around and get to every room of the house. How you will navigate your home as you age is something that you should never have to worry about.

To make each area of your home accessible, you’ll want to think about details that may have not crossed your mind. Having wide doorways and hallways helps ensure that you can easily get through the house by walking or with a mobility device. Along with wide entrances and halls, you will also want to reduce trip hazards, like unnecessary steps or tall floor transition strips. These are just a few simple updates that you can make to your home so that you can navigate your space without having to worry about tripping over anything. Our team can help identify problem areas and create a safe space to call home.

3. Improve Bathroom AccessibilityPhoto of seating in shower

One area of any home that will need accessibility updates is the bathroom. Your bathroom is a space meant for rest and relaxation and you don’t have to sacrifice that when you’re creating a more accessible bathroom. Whether you use a mobility device or just need some extra room to shower, these renovations will help make the bathroom a safe and relaxing place to be.

The first thing you’ll want is plenty of space to move. You will want to plan for the use of mobility devices, so having plenty of clear space around the toilet, bathtub, shower, cabinets, and more is important. Next, minor details like having a toilet that’s at a safe height, adding grab bars, and creating an accessible bathing area will allow you to age in place in any home. These are minor adjustments that you can make in your home that will still allow you to utilize your bathroom for relaxation while still being able to access everything that you need on your own.

4. Increase Artificial and Natural Lighting

Increasing the light sources in your home will make day-to-day life easier as you age in place. Whether you upgrade the lighting that’s already in the house, add additional artificial light, or increase the natural light by adding or expanding windows, you will appreciate this upgrade, no matter your stage in life. Adding more light into your home will not only brighten up your home and allow you to see things more clearly, it can also be a benefit to your mental health. You can upgrade your windows in other ways as well, but make sure they can be opened for fresh air, are energy efficient, and more.

5. Seek Professional Help

Although all these tips will offer a great start for your aging in place remodel, contacting a professional is the best way to go. Having our team at your side will ensure that you stay on task and on budget while still making the updates to your home that will allow you to age gracefully in place. You can even utilize our UDesignIt service and choose from any number of pre-planned remodeling designs. Our team will be able to identify areas of improvement, and they will walk you through the entire process. Contact a professional today at URemodelIt to get started!

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